African Dance Performances

Simone Heijloo & Tebby Ramasike

On the 3th of november Simone Heijloo & Tebby Ramasike show a fusion of contemporary and african dance in three performances: ‘RODÉ‘, ‘Sketches Of The Unaccountable Effects‘ & ‘100 kisses‘.

RODÉ –  Jaba & Barembaye

Two choreographies from the African Contemporary dance and music performance called ‘RODÉ’ will be shown by Lat Cisse, Mamour Seck & Simone Heijloo. Traditional dance – Sabar and contemporary dance on traditional Senegalese rhythms.

Dans: Simone Heijloo Choreografie Laye Serrere, Ise Verstegen & Simone Heijloo Muziek: Lat Cisse & Mamour Seck Productie: Simone Heijloo Image De Schaapjesfabriek


‘Sketches of Unaccountable Effects’ – originally created as a trio en set to live music, deals with a situation where people from different cultures and/or lands arrive and meet at a certain place for a First time, trying to find a common ground in their own right. Building up relationships by cross-over interaction with one another. This dance work explores different movement genres, creating across-pollination of dance idioms, blending contemporary movements with other dance forms.

This is a reworked version, created exclusively for Paris Marais Dance School (PMDS)

The work forms part four of an ongoing interactive multidisciplinary cross-over collaborative project ‘THE WALKING THROUGH:  A Journey … A Memory …  A Recollection … The Meeting’ in which Tebby invites different artists to collaborate with.

Choreography: Tebby W.T. Ramasike Dance: Carmen Serrat & Antonin Vanlangendonck  Muziek: Raphaël Éssoi photos: Juan Manuel Abellán



Kisses only for you…
They will show how much I love you.
One day, hopefully I will get the chance to show my love for you.
In words, in actions and 100 kisses for you.’

Love and be loved seems to be one of the most beautiful things in the world.
Whenever you get the chance to show your love, take it and live it.
In words, in actions and in 100 kisses too … ?


Choreography & dance: Simone Heijloo 

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Date: zaterdag 3 november / saturday 3th of november

Workshops African Dance: 17:00 – 19:00
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Performances: 20:00 – 21:30
Drie performances met een korte pauze /
Three performances with short break

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