World Problems

Artist in Residence: Emma Hall

Deze zomer hebben wij de Australische Emma Hall uitgenodigd als Artist in Residence in ons theater, om haar derde stuk World Problems verder te ontwikkelen. Hierbij werkt zij samen met de Australische regisseur Olivia Monticciolo en de Amsterdamse kunstenaars Sarah Nixon en Jasna Veličković.

World Problems is een experimentele theaterperformance over ecologische verandering en collectieve strijd, waarbij de kunstenaar Emma Hall een wereld bouwt samen met het publiek.


Emma Mary Hall (1981) is an actor, theatre maker and writer from Melbourne, Australia who makes solo performances and has been described as ‘radically personal’ and compared to the likes of Tim Etchells and Laurie Anderson.

(c) Alex Hewitt

Emma’s first piece, We May Have to Choose, which looks at the political impacts of social media, has been hugely popular worldwide since it premiered in 2015, and her second piece, Ode to Man, received the ‘best emerging writer’ award at the 2017 Melbourne Fringe Festival.

In August this year, Emma will be the first artist to participate in Theatre Oostblok’s new International Artist in Residence summer program to develop her third piece, World Problems, hatched during a Cultureland residency in Starnmeer, North Holland. She will be working with Australian director Olivia Monticciolo and Amsterdam artists Sarah Nixon and Jasna Veličković during this time.

World Problems is an experimental performance about ecological change and collective action, where the performer will build a world with the audience each night.


Workshops with Emma Hall

August 9, 19:00
Workshop Contemporary performance writing

August 11, 20:00
Talk & Meet: Emma Hall

August 16, 19:00
Workshop Interactive scenography design

August 18, 10:00
Workshop contemporary performance writing

August 29, 19:00
Interactive scenography design

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Datum: zaterdag 1 september 2018
Tijd: 20:30
Duur: n.t.b.
Genre: experimenteel theater
Date: Saturday September 1, 2018
Time: 20:30
Duration: t.b.a., work in progress
Genre: experimental theatre performance


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