Solar Nights

Muziek, live performance, dans, poëzie, film en beeldende kunst komen samen tijdens de spannende multidisciplinaire performanceavond Solar Nights.

Marry-Go-‘Round’ | Ana Romih
There are places we go and people we meet along the journey we take, we transform stories and store memories inside our minds and body. Every moment in time we choose what our focus is.
… And my body does not belong to me, there are spirits inside of me, guiding me, telling me which way to go, where to stop and who to invite along, to dance and join the amusement ride.

Choreography and performance; Ana Romih Advisor: Matej Kejzar Thanks to: Matej, the crew and Love around 

Weaverbird | Yui Nakagami
My note: Silence Painful Breeze Step “No” Embrace Together Gray Rhythm Chocolate Distance Mellow Safety Partner Between Float Home Wall tick-tack Adventure Love Mix
Our mind has opposite sides of “giving and receiving” at the same time. I feel always balancing in an intuitive way between these sides in the communication. Therefore we can share time/space with something/someone using our sensitivity.

Skin – Body of Vapor | 
Paul Glazier
Body of Vapour, a video of hands massaging various bodies, was first projected onto the masseur’s own body and re-filmed. For Solar Nights this material will be projected onto smoke.
The piece examines the nature of touch, extending the images into a three dimensional space and at the same time emphasising the ephemeral nature of sensation.
The accompanying music, also by Paul Glazier, enhances the sense of friction as the various elements emerge and morph.

Monologues & Dialogues | Manifest Dance Company
The darkest light can illuminate. Being negative in a positive way, we sometimes find pleasure in pain and experience success in our failures. These are all paradoxes we witness every day. It seems to be, that contradiction is the nature of the way we live. With the dance performance in two parts Monologues / Dialogues choreographer Svetlin Velchev will research this subject. 

Concept and composition Svetlin Velchev Artistic Advice Yola Parie, Lotte Oosterbroek Music Stefanoize, Gunnar Gunnsteinsson Performers Kim Hoogterp, Irina Baldini, Jos Daamen, Bryan Atmopawiro, Svetlin Velchev, Lorenzo Capodieci Photography Richard Beukelaar Graphic Design Mihail Mihaylov

Zeno van den Broek
Zeno van den Broek works in a multidisciplinary approach on a synergy of the audial, the visual and the spatial.
Originally trained as an architect, his perspective is focused on spatiality in sound and vision, and in manipulating this spatiality in constructed time and space. To do so, he uses different ways of expression: album releases, performances, installations and paintings. Zeno aims to create additional spatial layers in the space in which the work is being heard, seen or performed, thereby creating a spatial consciousness.
In his performances he works with sound sources such as sine waves and white noise, creating site-specific patterns of interference and fully utilizing the acoustics of the space. The sound merges with the existing architecture of the venue, creating new fluid spaces. These live performances are an one-off and non-repeatable spatial intervention.

Ellen Knops
Ellen Knops started in 1989 in the musiclighting but changed quikly to theatre and modern dance.
In 1994 Katie Duck asked her to do the lights for her improvisation performance. All she said was “surprise me”, so she did and continued doing. Since then they have been working together. Among other projects in Magpie Music and Dance Company, where there is an instant interaction between the disciplines dance, light and music.
In the past years Ellen improvised with many performers, such as David Zambrano, Micheal Schumacher, Gonny Heggen, Nederlands danstheater 3, Katie Duck en Lily Kiara.
In the work with Lily Kiara, in their almost organically growing collaboration, there is a very close interaction between lights and dance. They continue to develop their findings and always look for possibilities to strech their ideas a little further.
Ellen has been teaching workshops at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam, to share her vision that light can be played with as an autonomous element; light as movement, rather than a static aspect of the performance. Light can change the sense of space, time and atmosphere.

Host: Daniel Rakish


Datum: 14 juni
Tijd: 20.00 uur
Locatie: Tweede van Swindenstraat 26
Genre: performance

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